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Now a TriBike Transport Partner Shop

Just reminding everyone that we are an official TriBike Transport (TBT) Partner Shop. So for any of your Ironman races (and others) that they transport to, you can drop your bike here before the race and pick it up here after. How easy is that! Just choose us as your partner shop when registering on the TBT website and then bring your bike bike by during the scheduled drop time. You will receive email communications, instructions and schedule from TriBike Transport during the whole process.

What we usually recommend, if training schedule allows, is that you bring your bike in the week before your drop date so that we can give it a look over and make sure all is race ready on your rig. No need to DNF because of a mechanical issue on the bike that could have been avoiced.

For more TBT info and a schedule of races that you can ship your bike to, check the TriBike Transport website .

TriBike Transport

Here is how they put it:

“HASSLE-FREE. ECONOMICAL. UNPARALLELED. Since 2004, TriBike Transport has helped over 100,000 athletes by providing HASSLE-FREE, ECONOMICAL, UNPARALLELED bike transport. Whether using our Fully-Assembled, Pack & Ship or Valet Service, we take the hassle out of transporting your bike, so you can focus on your race.”

Pretty nice.