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Tune Up

Get Some Tune Up

Since it is always about the love – the love for your bike – our tune up packages are named accordingly. We have a range of options to take care of your specific needs. Check them out below. Any questions feel free to give us a shout.


Your relationship with your bike is a bit spiritual. At least some would say. This quick once over for a bike that appears to be ok, makes sure all is good and that your bike is ride/race ready. Piece of mind before that big race.


Clean & Lube

Don’t need any adjustments, but your ride needs a good solid bath? A complete degreasing of the drive train, detailed bike wash, and re-lubrication. A very important maintenance item as a properly cleaned and lubricated bike will run with smoothness and efficiency.


Lunch Date
(Quick Tune)

Includes a quick series of adjustments to the major working systems. Included adjustments are: braking, shifting, wheel and tire inspection, and a quick look at other working components.


Love Package

Affectionately termed, our most popular package includes all the regular love your bike could need. Beginning with a complete cleaning, from the chain up, this tune covers all the major adjustments including wheel true and keeps all the systems in good working order.


First Date

Includes all the love from the Lunch Date, but includes a bit more in-depth look at the wheels and moving parts. If needed, the wheels are trued, bottom bracket, headset, and hubs are adjusted. If your ride is clean and in need of a bit of mechanical love, this is the way to go.


Long Term Commitment

The Long Term Commitment overhaul is a complete reconditioning of your bicycle. This includes a complete stripping of your bike to the bare frame, detail cleaning of all the components, and professional re-assembly. Also included in the package is cable and bar tape replacement if necessary, however parts are not part of the package. During an overhaul, every component of the bike is inspected for condition and wear and we may make recommendations on some parts replacement if needed. An overhaul gives a dirty, well ridden bike a new life and greatly reduces wear and tear on all of its components. If you ride year round, spend a lot of time on the trainer, or have problems with corrosion on your bike, an overhaul once a year will keep your ride in top condition and help to avoid race day problems.