Happy Bike. Happy Life.


We can do it all. Well, bikes anyway.

With decades of experience, we can handle just about anything bike related. Warranty work, custom bike builds, packing and shipping for travel, accessory installation and whatever else you might need.

Complete Frame Build

From a naked frame to a complete bike, the Complete Frame Build will take your frame and components to a whole new level. Not only is the shop capable of complete builds with your parts, but we can help complete the build with a huge catalog of parts and components. So if you’re missing something for your build or your looking for some advice on what parts to use, the Complete Frame Build has you covered.

Not sure what to build, or what parts would be best for you? No worries, this is not our first rodeo, we can help you figure it out. We’re up to date on all the latest tech and anything from the past.

Warranty Frame Work

It’s a major bummer, but unfortunately your bike may have let you down and cracked or failed and need to be returned to the manufacturer for a warranty repair or replacement. The warranty frame service strips your bike down to the bare frame so you can send it back to the manufacturer. All your parts are marked and stored and once the repaired or replaced frame makes it back, your bike is returned to its former glory.

Boxed Bike Assembly

Have you purchased a new bike and are stuck figuring out how you’re going to get it properly built? Well, have no fear. As an independent mechanic service, we welcome most brands and nationalities and will be glad to get the new ride assembled and ready to roll. Got one to sell? We can help there too. Check our Consignment Program for more information on how our process works.

Accessory Installation

Have a new computer, hydration system, lighting or other accessory and not quite sure how to get it installed? We have installed pretty much everything under the sun, and can make sure it’s working properly.

Box Bike for Shipping or Travel

Are you traveling for your next race, ride or vacation with your bike? Did you sell your bike and need it shipped out of state? Make sure it makes it safe and sound with a careful and protective packaging job. We can even go through the process with you if your doing the re-assembly. It’s the next best thing to us actually going with you.