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Bring us the new, old and old school

What shop would be complete without the basic services for your ride! Here is a short list we perform regularly (there are many more of course). From minor adjustments to complete frame up pro builds, the shop is well equipped to handle any service or repair needs. As a full service service repair shop, we can handle the newest equipment to the old school classics. SRAM, Shimano, and Campagnolo are all welcome! We don’t discriminate, and can expertly tune any and all types of systems.

Cable & Housing Replacement

As one of the most common sources of shifting and braking problems, a worn out or corroded cable and housing can be a real headache. As a general rule cables and housings last about two years and after a solid couple of seasons of racing and riding, your cables and housings are most likely worn out. Over time and usage, the inner liners and ferrule caps of your housings begin to wear and can let moisture into areas where it is not supposed to go. The process of replacing the cables can be quite involved, and often entails replacing the bar tape. However, fresh cables and bar tape is a great way to treat your bike to some love and revive the crisp clean shifting your ride was meant to have.

Brake Pad Replacement or Installation

Got a few too many miles on your brakes? A fresh set of brakes will not only improve your braking ability, but ensure that your brakes work correctly when you need them. A proper brake pad or shoe replacement includes an adjustment to the pad alignment, cable tension, and brake lever position.

Chain Replacement

Considered one of the “regular maintenance” items on your bike, you should be able to get about 3000 miles of service out of most chains with proper and regular lubrication. However, at some point it will need to be replaced, and the wrong type of chain or improper installation can lead to shifting issues. The chain installation includes setting the new chain to the proper length, adjusting for minor wear issues, and checking the shifting.

Chainring/Cassette Replacement or Installation

Though not as common as a worn out chain, your chainrings and cassette will also eventually wear out and can cause some troublesome shifting such as, chain suck, chain skipping, and slow shifting. Replacing your chainrings or cassette often requires a derailleur adjustment, which is included.

Dérailleur and Brake Adjustments

With loads of screws, adjustments, and cables, your brakes and derailleurs can be complicated. If not adjusted properly and accurately, you bike will not be running in top form. We have years of experience and training and can ensure that your bike is in top form. If it’s race day or just a quick ride, don’ t let a mis-adjusted brake or dérailleur slow you down!

Bottom Bracket R&R

Got a problematic, defective, or noisy Bottom Bracket? Removing, replacing or servicing your bike’s bottom bracket is a tricky repair and requires special tools and consideration. Between the different styles of brackets, unique tools required, and various thread types, no worries, we speak fluent bottom bracket.

Headset or Fork Installation

Got a worn out headset? Is it time to upgrade your fork or headset? With several special tools required for this service, this one is best left to the professionals.

Aerobar or Handlebar Installation

Making an upgrade or replacing your aerobars or handlebar? A proper bar installation includes removing the existing bars, shifters, and bar tape and installing the new bars, shifters, and replacing the bar tape. New cables and housings can be added if necessary.

Bar Tape Installation

Wrapping handlebars is an art form unto itself, and your bike deserves to have some good looking tape! With dozens of choices of tape in stock and some of the best bar wrappers in the South on hand, your sure to have some hot looking bars!