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Wheels make the world go round

We know wheels. From small repairs and truing to complete custom builds, we work on all sizes and wheel types. Check out a partial list of services below.

Custom Wheel Builds and Modifications

As the number one upgrade you can make to your ride, wheels are the best place to improve performance and reduce rotational weight. Why not get the most out of your wheels by having a hand built wheel set built by one of the best around. Cannon Cyclery, meaning Dan here at the shop, expertly builds all types of wheels from the ground up in both aluminum and carbon rims. From customized wheel sets to basic training wheels, by building it custom you can get exactly what you need specifically for your application.

With dozens of rims, hubs, and spoke options available, a custom wheel set is truly as unique as you are. Boyd Cycling is a great company with some amazing wheel and is our go to, but Origin8, Velocity, and Zip are also options, just to name a few. A custom hand built wheel can be tailored to your specific riding style, type, and purpose and is often more durable than many of the stock wheels available. Why not treat your rig to a new set of custom wheels and experience the ride of a handmade wheel built by a true wheel artist! Just don’t tell Dan we called him an artist. Might go to his head.

Race Wheel Install

Ever been caught on race day with a brake dragging on your race wheel or poorly shifting and jumping chain? Don’t leave it to chance! Most race wheels are not identical to your everyday riding wheels in terms of the cassette spacing and braking surface and often require minor tweaks to prevent shifting and braking problems. Schedule some time at the shop to have your race wheels properly installed and avoid the headaches on race day!

Tube and Tire Installation

Whether it’s a standard clincher tire and tube, a tubeless setup, or a more complex tubular tire, we’ve got you covered. Simple clincher changes can usually be done quickly as you wait, while tubeless changes/setup are usually done a couple days as we like to let them site overnight to ensure a good set with no leakage.

Wheel Truing and Spoke Replacement

Got a blown spoke or a rim out of true? Truing a wheel is an art form, and requires a delicate touch to bring your wheel back into harmony. With years of experience and plenty of spokes available, your wheel is in good hands!

Hub Overhaul and Bearing Replacement

Don’t ignore your hubs! After all, your hubs are the workhorses of your bike and well maintained hubs will provide many miles of smooth riding. A hub overhaul generally applies to loose-ball designs such as Shimano hubs, and entails a complete disassembly, cleaning, and grease replacement. For those non-shimano hubs, your bearings are most likely replaceable and a fresh set of them will restore a loose hub to its original lustre.

Cassette Installation and Swap

Sounds simple enough, but can cause some major problems if not done properly. Make sure it’s right the first time and avoid the complications of an improperly installed cassette.