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Litespeed Pinhoti III

Another Litespeed build, this time a really sweet mountain bike for one of our long time customers who is a serious rider and constantly out on the trails and doing races. He wanted a single speed, hardtail 29er and this Pinhoti III titanium frame was just right with a few mods.

While not normally built as a single speed, the Pinhoti III frame is versatile and can be a light one-speed rocket. Handmade Titanium and choice parts made this build fun to do, twice (see below)! Great ride and handling make this build a fast and fun machine.

Bike Fit
Litespeed Pinhoti custom bike build
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Bike Fitting

Bike Specs

  • Frame – Litespeed Pinhoti III Titanium
  • Wheels – Boyd Cycling Stumphouse 29er
  • Tires – Vitoria Barzo
  • Groupset – Shimano Mtb XT
  • Stem – Industry Nine
  • Handlebar – Whisky Parts Co. No. 9 flat bar

Funny aside here is that this customer has a buddy who is also a longtime customer of the shop. The thing is, they seem to always want the same bikes. So, we actually ended up building TWO of these.