Canon Cyclery Kit

Shop Kit Seen in the Wild

So we finally put together a shop kit this year (big thanks to Drew Burke and Castelli Cycling) and had incredible response from you guys on the ordering front. The kits arrived earlier this month, have been picked up by most and are starting to be seen out there in the wild. Some great shots showed up on the social scene, including Instagram and Facebook. Cool to see you guys rocking the kits even as we head into cooler weather.

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New Shop Kits are Here!

Pretty excited about our new kits that are now ready for order. So for those of you who have been asking and the rest of you we know want one, here’s the skinny:

  • The kits are being done through Castelli
  • Our fit kit is now at the shop and will be here for 3 weeks
  • Come by and try on the kit to determine your size
  • Place your order right at the shop through our Online Team Order Site
  • We worked to make our kit a bit unique with the checkerboard and highly visible with florescent yellow incorporated
  • We also highlight many of the companies/organizations/clubs that we support and that support us

We only have the fit kit for about 3 weeks! You must come by before Aug 21st if you want to physically try on the jersey and bibs.

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Cannon Cyclery to Open 2nd Location

*UPDATE: This post was yes, an April Fools joke. And a pretty good one, although there were dead giveaways in it that should have tipped you off. Have to say it worked better than we thought and many of you took the bait while others were not to be “fooled.” So while we would love a 10,000 sq ft historic warehouse (which by the way we would NEVER fill with retail – dead giveaway number one), we are not ready to pull the trigger on that just yet. Awesome to see all of the support from you guys though! Hope you all had a great April Fools Day!

We have decided that the time is right and are psyched to announce we will soon be opening a 2nd location. It was a long time in the works and a lot of thought has been put into just what we wanted to do. With our business and the industry in general picking up, we just decided to pull the trigger.

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Our Customers are Awesome #1

Decided to start posting periodically about just how awesome our customers are. Here is #1.

So we are working with a new customer who is very excited about getting into cycling and is planning on possibly entering a sprint race in September. Now this lady has ridden bicycles when she was younger but is a total beginner at this point. She was referred to us (another reason our customers are awesome) and is looking for us to help determine the right bike for her that also fits within her budget.

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North Georgia Tri Club Partnership

North Georgia Tri ClubWe are excited to be partnering with the North Georgia Tri Club this year and are looking forward to working with the group. Many of the members are already longtime customers of Cannon Cyclery so it just makes sense and is a great way for us to continue to support the cycling community.

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SRAM, Campagnolo, or Shimano? Which Side of the Road are You On? Part 1

Given the myriad of options in bicycle components available today it can be a pretty daunting task to try and make sense of all the groups and systems for your road or tri bike.  I often am asked to help clients choose which group would be the best option for their rig, and sometimes it’s not an easy answer.  Which components are the best?  What is the best value?  Lightest?  Fastest?  Most reliable?

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Danny’s Latest

“The Ridge is the brand new film from Danny Macaskill… For the first time in one of his films Danny climbs aboard a mountain bike and returns to his native home of the Isle of Skye in Scotland to take on a death-defying ride along the notorious Cuillin Ridgeline.”

This film is by Cut Media and man is it done nicely. We are suckers for this level of cinematography, especially in a location like that. Freakin awesome.