Pro Cycling Service and Fit Studio

We cater to elite athletes and age groupers, as well as servicing all skill levels in all types of cycling related sports. From triathletes and du-athletes, to mountain bikers and adventure racers, we provide individualized, reliable and timely mechanical support. Meet the crew

Need some

Love for Your Bike?


Officially started in the summer of 2007, Cannon Cyclery has grown predominantly by word of mouth advertising and is built on the trust and confidence our customers have in our work. And while we are predominantly service focused, we have full ability to acquire any components, parts or accessories you need as well as being affiliated with some great bike brands, wheel manufacturers and more. We also run a pretty good consignment operation too.

How we think

It’s about the relationship between you and us, the relationship between you and your bike and riding. We are not your typical retail and “behind the counter” kind of shop (you know, the one where the person up front takes your bike and delivers it to the mechanic in the back who you never see). Not even close. Here you always get direct, one on one interaction with Curtis and the rest of the crew, as well as personalized service geared to your specific needs. Nice.

The Shop

Our shop, located in Roswell, GA, has an open layout and was designed that way for a reason. This environment allows for the one on one interaction that is one of the cornerstones of our business.

We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Come on by.

Cannon Cyclery