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Outlet Check In

Welcome to the Online Check in system for Cannon Cyclery Outlet! Please complete the form below and and bring your item to the shop (if you are not already here). Thanks.

Terms & Conditions*

  1. The Outlet team will research the market value of my item(s) and advise me of the estimated market price.
  2. Any work done by Cannon Cyclery to get item(s) ready for sale must be paid at the time work is performed and prior to selling the item.
  3. The Outlet has exclusive rights to sell my item(s) for 90 days, and I cannot pick-up my item until after 90 days.
  4. You may promote OUR listings of your item(s) but you agree to NOT attempt to sell or list your item(s) in any way while you are under this agreement.
  5. The Outlet will list my item(s) locally for 45 days. If after 45 days my item has not sold, The Outlet has the option to list my item on Ebay and sell it for fair market value. Any Ebay fees will be paid by seller.
  6. Commission Schedule – we keep % based on final sales price of item
    $0-1000 25%
    >$1000-$2,000 –> $250 + 20% of amount over $1000
    >$2,000-$3,000 –> $450 + 15% of amount over $2000
    >$3,000 –> $600 + 10% of amount over $3000
  7. If item is not sold and you decide to remove from the Outlet, you agree to pay a $50 listing fee.

Submitting this form signifies your acceptance of these terms. You will also sign a hard copy of these terms (when you drop off your item) signifying your agreement & acceptance.