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Race Wheel Rental Agreement

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Liability Waiver

  • In consideration of the acceptance of this rental of Cannon Cyclery rental wheels by Cannon Cyclery on this date, the undersigned participant(s)and (if participant is under 18 years of age) parent or guardian, intending to be legally bound, do hereby for ourselves, our heirs, executors and administrators, waive, release and forever discharge any and all rights to claims for damages which I may have or which hereafter accrue to me, against any and all persons, organizations and legal entitles affiliated with such rental of the race wheels, and specifically to Cannon Cyclery, together with their representative officers, agents, representatives, employees, successors, estates, assigns and or sponsors, for any and all damages which may be sustained or suffered by me in connection with the use of the wheels as provided by Cannon Cyclery. This release covers the complete time period in, and/or arising out of our traveling to, participation in and returning from said event. I hereby agree and I understand that cycling is an arduous athletic event and herby certify that I am properly conditioned to participate, and, that I am fully knowledgeable of the use of carbon aerodynamic wheel sets as they relate to acute handing needs, and speed increases during an event and training. Moreover, I am completely aware of stability issues associated with cross winds, and gusts, which could affect me during my use of any wheels provided by Cannon Cyclery and hold Cannon Cyclery, as well as their representative officers, agents, representatives, employees, successors, estates, assigns and or sponsors, completely harmless for any incident incurred or caused by me during the rental period.
  • You Break It You Buy It

  • “You break it. You buy it.” This means that rental wheels will be returned in the same great condition they were in when rented. Renter is responsible for not just the wheels, but also tires and spokes. In the event the wheel is damaged, but deemed repairable and its value is not diminished (as determined by Cannon Cyclery), the renter will be billed for the repair in lieu of wheel replacement. Renter is also responsible for any and all claims related to event personel, shippers (UPS, etc) and all other 3rd parties that may handle rental wheels once they leave Cannon Cyclery. In the event of damage or loss due to a 3rd party, the renter is responsible for wheel repair or replacement under the “You break it. You buy it” policy.
  • Quick Release Policy

  • I fully know how to use and quick release levers. I am responsible for ensuring the levers are secure before riding my bicycle with rental wheels installed.
  • Wheel inspection, your official signature and payment will be collected when you pick up your wheels.