Where is Your “Local”? Some Cultural Perspective

Some cultural perspective by Gabe Waterman

Before the expansion of Mega Malls, The Internet,  and Chain stores there existed a very under-appreciated locally based “shop”.  No matter what you were into, be it books, beer, records, bikes or coffee, there there was a place for you.  A place where you knew the owner, you knew the patrons, and you knew the employees.  And just as important, they knew you.   These establishments or “locals” made us better, happier, and more successful people with a greater sense of community.   The “local” represented a random group of people with different opinions, social status’, and lifestyles banded together in one location by a singular interest.  Be it a bike shop, book store, or bar, these establishments drew us in becauseof the function they provided, but in many cases, we continued to come back because of the experience and the sense of community they provided.  The fact that they served beer, repaired bikes, or you could by a book became secondary to the great conversation and good people to kill time with.  The reason Cheers was the 2nd most watched TV program in the US was because it was something that we could all relate to and every “local”  had a Norm or Woody. (unfortunately I was Norm)

Curtis Henry

Cannon Cyclery is my “local”.  I stumbled upon the shop by accident, and for the most part have not left.  Recently someone asked me how many years I have known Curtis, assuming is had been a while because of our friendship.  He was surprised to find out that it had only been a couple of months.  I take no credit for this because Curtis extends the same friendliness of character to everyone that walks through his door; I like many others am just a beneficiary of his character.

I walked through the doors at Cannon Cyclery looking for a bike shop and a good mechanic and found a “local” where good people filter in and out  every day.  It just works out for me that he is a good bike mechanic, always has craft beer, and a decent coffee maker.  Now I just need to work on his taste in music a little.

Gabe Waterman
Local CCY patron, mountain biker, tattoo aficionado, and Cross Fit junkie.