2020 Boyd 44

Boyd Wheelset 44


The O.G. The 44mm Clincher is the the best all-purpose carbon clincher wheelset in our lineup. No matter what type of riding you are doing, the 44mm depth with improved aerodynamic profile will be a great option for you. It’s a specially-brewed wheelset for climbing, descending, windy conditions, races, and even training.

Only a few rides on this wheelsets, comes with cassette and tires. Hutchinson Fusion wheelset and 11 speed microshift cassette.

Price- $1400

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HED Jet 6

HED Jet6 Wheelset


The Jet line-up of carbon clinchers (4, 6 and 9) feature a 1k carbon fairing as opposed to a solid carbon structure. This means the wheel is essentially an aluminum box section wheel at its heart, with a carbon fairing added for improved aerodynamics and speed.The fairing itself is bonded to the rim, meaning that the spokes engage at the rim rather than at the end of the fairing. This aids in aerodynamics, as there are no exposed nipples, and also has the effect of increasing the lateral strength of the wheelset.

HED laces the Jet 6 Plus with its proprietary 545 hubs, featuring 5 pawls with 45 teeth for engagement. This results in an aggressive freewheel noise, that may prove to be a bit much for sensitive ears in the bunch. The upside to having a high tooth count in the rear hub is how quickly it engages on an initial pedal stroke. Especially handy for racers looking for an edge in the crit racing scene.

Comes with Continental Grand Prix 4000 and 5000 tires and 11 speed Shimano dura ace cassette

Price- $1000

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