Industry Nine Enduro Wheelset


Born in the Pisgah National Forest- A place where you must “earn your turns,” the Enduro was Enduro before there was Enduro. The second generation Enduro  still retains its “Ride Anything” mentality, you’ll find yourself spending all day in the woods climbing hills just to see how fast you can push yourself on the way down. By making the rim bed wider the tire sidewalls sit in a more vertical position increasing sidewall tension thus creating a firmer tire contact. This higher tension lets you run lower pressures versus narrower rims allowing the tire to conform more naturally to the terrain and increases the contact patch. More tire on the ground means more traction when it matters. Tubeless compatibility further enhances the ride quality as well as reducing the chance for flats. I9’s Torch hub and spoke platform cuts an incredible amount of weight, but does not sacrifice strength or performance. The 6 pawl freehub offers crazy fast engagement.

  • Wide inner rim measurement provides more volume and support for tires
  • 6 pawl freehub crazy fast freehub engagement
  • Tubeless ready get better traction, ride quality, and reduce flats
  • Teflon shields and O-rings increase bearing life

29″ Wheels comes with Maxxis Aggressor rear and Maxxis Minion DHF front

Price- $900

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