Our Customers are Awesome #1

Decided to start posting periodically about just how awesome our customers are. Here is #1.

So we are working with a new customer who is very excited about getting into cycling and is planning on possibly entering a sprint race in September. Now this lady has ridden bicycles when she was younger but is a total beginner at this point. She was referred to us (another reason our customers are awesome) and is looking for us to help determine the right bike for her that also fits within her budget.

She comes in today and Curtis puts her on a couple bikes that are in the shop and begins the process of determining bike size and fit. He explains the physics of it all, different kinds of bikes, etc. as he goes but it is a lot of info, especially for a beginner like her.

A longtime customer happens to also be in the shop picking up new a new wheelset we built and installed for her. Just so happens she has a bike we thought would be a good choice for the beginner. These two ladies happen to be roughly the same size so this bike even fits our new customer relatively well. So longtime customer has been observing us working through this process and offers to let the beginner try her bike. Sit on it. Take it for a ride. She also sits for a bit talking to the beginner about the bike and riding in general, giving her a bunch of info and great advice.

So, our longtime customer took the time out of her day to make a connection with the beginner and to not only let her check out and ride her bike, but also just help the beginner feel more comfortable about the entire process.

Like we said, our customers are awesome!