New Shop Kits are Here!

Pretty excited about our new kits that are now ready for order. So for those of you who have been asking and the rest of you we know want one, here’s the skinny:

  • The kits are being done through Castelli
  • Our fit kit is now at the shop and will be here for 3 weeks
  • Come by and try on the kit to determine your size
  • Place your order right at the shop through our Online Team Order Site
  • We worked to make our kit a bit unique with the checkerboard and highly visible with florescent yellow incorporated
  • We also highlight many of the companies/organizations/clubs that we support and that support us

We only have the fit kit for about 3 weeks! You must come by before Aug 21st if you want to physically try on the jersey and bibs.

We would love to have you sporting one of these on your next ride so make sure and come by over the next couple weeks and get yours ordered.

Cannon Cyclery Tees

While You’re at it, Grab a Tee

Shop tees feature our new Get Some Love logo and we still have plenty left for those of you inclined. Red, Green and Blue in the unisex and Pink/Raspberry in womens. Come on by and get one.

Much thanks to those of you already representing and wearing your tee! Appreciate the support as always.