Introducing Our New Pick Up/Delivery Service

** Post Notice: We actually do some pick up and delivery here and there but the below post was our April Fools joke for this year. We are good but FREE pick and delivery anywhere in GA, yeah…no.


We have been throwing this idea around for some time to try and figure out if this was worth it and if you guys would find it beneficial. And the decision ultimately was yes and yes.

Now Available Anywhere in Georgia

FREE Pick Up and Delivery Service!

This service will be initially be provided to those of you living anywhere in the state of Georgia and includes same day pick up and one day turnaround on delivery after bike work is performed. We dare you to find another shop anywhere in the country that offers this kind of service for FREE, or even reasonable pricing. And since you don’t have to drive to the shop anymore, we even came up with a catchy tag line (pretty clever we know):

Less Driving. More Riding.™

Our goal for the future will be to expand this service first to the Southeast and then nationwide. This will require tapping into our relationships with both FedEx and UPS but we are confident it can be accomplished, allowing us to privide stellar service to riders all over the country. We look forward to making your life that much easier.

So, get that bike ready and send us an email to to schedule your pick up today!

Small print: Our new kick ass pick up/delivery service is being offered for FREE, consequently, the bike service and parts rates/fees for anyone using this option are triple our normal rates. Thank you.