#BestTriClubEver is Officially Here

We are excited to be sponsoring and working with the #BestTriClubEver!



Cannon Cyclery is the Local AND Virtual Bike Shop for the New Swim Bike Mom and TriFecta Triathlon Club

Blue Competition Cycles is the official bike sponsor of the SBM and TriFecta Club and we will be the contact point for all Blue local and virtual fits, purchases, builds, etc. We are also offering local club members a standing discount on products and services in our shop. We will also be providing great resources for club members including live clinics, articles, tips and more. We are super excited to be involved with the club and look forward to helping its members and watching it grow!

Special Membership Discounts through Cannon Cyclery

Join the club using our special code “cannon” and save $30 off your membership.

Learn more and register now at http://www.BestTriClubEver.com. Offer good until February 14th.

If you are local, get 25% off parts and service on your FIRST visit and then get a standing 10% discount on parts and service for the year.

More Info On the Club

The Swim Bike Mom & TriFecta Tri Club is a NATIONAL and INTERNATIONAL virtual triathlon club that anyone can join no matter ability, location, age, status or anything. The welcoming club has grown out of the strong-rooted community of our local friend Meredith Atwood (@SwimBikeMom) and its supporting Facebook group, TriFecta (a free Facebook group comprised of male and female triathletes , with a focus on the newbie triathlete and those who love the sport).

Here is a partial description from the club page itself:

We are a club for men and women, youth triathletes, and individuals who are just starting out in the sport. We will be a place to access advice, support and more. We will have a listing of all races and attendees, so you are guaranteed to have support wherever you go.

With membership, you are given access to amazing sponsor discounts—you will literally have a discount for every single thing that you “need” in triathlon – ranging from your goggles to your bike to your running shoes.

With over twenty-five sponsors and 2-3 giveaways in the Club (per month!) such as bike trainers, nutrition, swim gear and more, the #BestTriClubEver is the next step in the virtual tri world.

For more information on the club or to register visit SBM and TriFecta TriClub, and follow them on social at @BestTriClubEver (Instagram and Twitter).