Super Custom Litespeed T2 Disc Twin Builds

We had fun building these! (see pic gallery below)

You know you have a unique relationship with your clients when you get to build a second pair of dream bikes for them. Clients Kevin and Marty have been friends of the shop since before there was a shop! Since 2007 if I am not mistaken. After too many miles to count, and too many worn out drive trains to remember it was finally time to replace the Trek Madones I built for them more than 12 years ago through Trek’s Project 1 Program. As good as Carbon is, it just doesn’t last forever and it was time to build something that would. When you want the ultimate ride, American made quality, and a truly enduring material you need not look any further than Litespeed.

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Go with a 1X System and Ditch Your Front Derailleur

If you have been in the shop lately and happened to hear or been a part of a discussion with me on SRAM’s revolutionary idea of a single chain ring drive train, you likely got more than an earful.  It’s exciting, simple, and very cost effective and I tend to get really worked up about the benefits and features that a lack of front derailleur has.  I am admittedly a SRAM guy, and preface my passionate discussion of all things SRAM by making that clear before going off the rails about how much I love the 1X (pronounced “One-By”) system.  That being said, the idea of ditching your front derailleur is brilliant for just about everyone.  No really, unless you’re a hardcore bike racer, it’s a darn near perfect system and it has an amazing amount of upside to it.  The 1X arrangement has been a mainstay in the mountain bike world for several years now and has revolutionized mountain bike drive systems.  It’s a very hot topic right now in the cycling world, and more cyclists, triathletes, and occasional riders are making the switch.  Should you make the switch?  Read on and lets discuss the idea from a practical, mathematical, and cost standpoint.

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SRAM, Campagnolo, or Shimano? Which Side of the Road are You On? Part 1

Given the myriad of options in bicycle components available today it can be a pretty daunting task to try and make sense of all the groups and systems for your road or tri bike.  I often am asked to help clients choose which group would be the best option for their rig, and sometimes it’s not an easy answer.  Which components are the best?  What is the best value?  Lightest?  Fastest?  Most reliable?

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Is your Bike ‘Race Ready?’

Some sound race day advice from Pro-Triathlete April Gellatly

We prepare our bodies for race day through training.   Spending countless hours swimming, biking, running, but what have you done for your bike lately?  Your bike has needs.  This isn’t a one-sided relationship.  You take care of your bike, and it will take care of you.

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Some Cycling Headwear Fashion Advice

Carmel Cammack, an Army helicopter pilot since 2006, has been riding since 2010 and been participating in Triathlon since 2012.  The following event happened during a ride on a road where she rides on almost a daily basis.

My latest and greatest life lesson came on May 28th during a morning training ride.  Without much consideration for the effect of the sun on the drivers with whom I share the back country roads, I set out eastward at 6 o’clock for an hour and a half ride with Princess, my bike.  I remember getting situated along the right shoulder of the road and tucking my head to keep the sun out of my eyes.  The next four and half hours remain only in fragments.  I woke up lying on my back looking up at a man on a cell phone standing beside a Chevy Suburban.

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Where is Your “Local”? Some Cultural Perspective

Some cultural perspective by Gabe Waterman

Before the expansion of Mega Malls, The Internet,  and Chain stores there existed a very under-appreciated locally based “shop”.  No matter what you were into, be it books, beer, records, bikes or coffee, there there was a place for you.  A place where you knew the owner, you knew the patrons, and you knew the employees.  And just as important, they knew you.  

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Carbon Hoops for Everyday Riding?

Insight by Kurt Schindler

Not so long ago I showed up for a ride with some friends and was asked very seriously something like “I can’t believe you are riding your race wheels on a training ride.” I think it was my last chance to ride my TT bike before an upcoming race, but nonetheless the question of riding deep dish carbon wheels everyday stuck in my mind. I’d already noted that a few of the guys in my local group were riding 45mm and 58mm carbon wheels on a daily basis.

So, just what are the pros and cons when it comes to riding carbon wheels on a daily basis?

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Why Carbon Races Wheels? A Geeks Guide To Your Number One Aero Advantage.

Carbon Composite Race Wheels

Whether it be speed or distance, human bicycle racing performance has always been enhanced by the quality of the equipment used by the athletes. The thrill of competition has driven bicycle manufacturers to continually push the performance limits of the equipment they design. From advances in frame design to the addition of better quality and lighter components, cycling equipment has constantly evolved to be lighter, more aerodynamic, and of superior quality.

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Tech Tip: Broken Cable Quick Fix

Usually due to a lack of maintenance or regular cable replacement, a broken cable can be a big problem, especially if you’re stuck at the bottom of a climb! However, you don’t have to let a broken, frayed, or damaged cable or housing get the best of you. Cables will commonly break where they are most bent, usually at the shifter or under the bottom bracket. However, worn out cable housings can also fail and collapse if they are worn or corroded. This repair will lock your derailleur into one gear and is a bit more advanced; your multi-tool will really come in handy.

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The Worn and the Lifeless: A No Drama Wear Explanation for Tires, Chains, and Cables

The experience you will have with your bike is totally unique, and I am sure the list of stories of unbelievable rides has created a distinctive persona for your two-wheeled friend. Whether it be Waldo, Roovy, Buttercup, or Gary, the personality your bike has developed is a product of the experience you create when riding. So, when it comes to getting it serviced it can sometimes be hard to replace or update the worn components that have given you so many delightful miles. Whatever the persona your ride has developed, it is unfortunately just machine and like all machines, it will need some new parts at some point. So, when will it need these new parts you ask? No worries, below is a guide for you to follow to help you judge how long the commonly wearing parts should last and when you should replace them.

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