After reaching a point of stagnancy as an automotive technician, and several years in the auto industry, Curtis decided to follow his love for cycling. The future was looking dim, full of permanent greasy fingernails, petrol-chemicals, and potential health problems and it was time to look for a career that was more in–line with his life ambitions. Having been a Mountain Biker for many years, he had always maintained his own equipment, and it sure seemed like more fun than working on cars day in and day out. He began working in the bike world in 1998 as a tech and has since worked for many of the local shops in Atlanta.

As a skilled mechanic, with over 17 years of experience working on everything from kids bikes to race bikes, there is very little Curtis has not seen in the shop. Over the years, he traveled with race teams, provided ride and race support, and made countless numbers of roadside repairs. From classic steel antiques, to today’s most modern carbon fiber frames, he has completed almost every conceivable repair and kept thousands of athletes rolling.

  • Skilled mechanic with over 17 years experience
  • Worked for many of the top local Atlanta shops
  • Serve elite athletes as well as beginners
  • Bike Fit training through Specialized, Trek and John Cobb
  • Ten years of bike fitting experience
  • Associates degree in Automotive Technology
  • Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering

With an associate’s degree in Automotive Technology and a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, Curtis has the paperwork to back up the depth of mechanical skill utilized for the quality of work he is known. Focusing on applying an engineering approach to both the mechanical support and the bike fit process gives him a unique take on both processes. With a solid base of mechanical know how, and many years of experience, your bike is in some of the best hands in the industry.  17 Years of experience working with many of the largest and top brands gives Curtis a broad depth of understanding and an encyclopedic knowledge of bicycles and repair processes.

As a bike fit specialist, Curtis has had training in many area of study, including schools by Specialized and Trek, and training under John Cobb. He has been bike fitting for over 11 years and has worked with many types of athletes, from junior racers to elite triathletes. The bike fit process blends many of the “math” based fit systems with a more hands on approach that focuses on efficiency, power, and comfort. His fit process blends the physiology of human anatomy with the complex physics of proper positioning while keeping in mind your personal cycling goals. The complex process of a good bike fit will enhance your cycling experience and improve your overall efficiency, allowing you to ride longer and faster.

Cycling should be fun and accessible for all.

In keeping with the philosophy that cycling should be fun and accessible for all, Curtis also works as and engineer and product representative for the number one adaptive bike company on the planet, Freedom Concepts. Freedom focuses on creating solutions for physically challenged riders and creates a truly customized bicycle that is unique to each individual rider. An Adaptive bike is custom made for each individual and allows kids and adults who have physical limitations to experience the freedom and fun that only riding a bike can give. Adaptive bikes feature a 3 wheeled design that is custom made and adapted to the specific needs of the recipient. With special features such as rear steering and brake control, high-back seats with a harness and head restraint, and a unique direct drive pedaling system these bikes are truly unique. As both a designer and product representative, Curtis gets to experience both the fun of designing such a unique product and the joy of watching a new rider, who often has never ridden a bike before, feel the freedom of cycling when it was thought not possible. For more information on the Freedom Concepts products, have a look at the Freedom Concepts website.