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the man

Curtis Henry

the boss

Curtis has been working in the cycling world since 1998, including stints for many of the top local Atlanta shops. He eventually started Cannon Cyclery, running it out of his garage in the beginning, and grew the shop to what it is today – a unique shop, focused on providing personalized service.

Curtis is a skilled mechanic with over 15 years of tech experience, servicing elite athletes as well as beginners, and a bike fit specialist, having had training in many areas of study, including schools by Specialized and Trek, and training under John Cobb. With a mechanical engineering degree on his resume as well, and in keeping with the philosophy that cycling should be fun and accessible for all, Curtis also works as an engineer and product representative for the number one adaptive bike company on the planet, Freedom Concepts.

Bottom line – your bike is in some of the best hands in the industry. Read full bio

Current Bike(s)  Gunnar Fastlane, Soma Juice 29, Gary Fisher

Dan Strickland


Dan has been working in the industry for longer than Curtis, including stints at many of the top shops in the Atlanta area. Let’s just say that he is a super talented wrench.

Dan has a serious sweet tooth.

Current Bike(s)  KHS Grit 440, BMC Team SLR, Orbea Alma, Bianchi Reparto Corsa, Raleigh Preston, Panasonic DX4000

Wayne Cusick

the man

Retired from his former life as an auditor and accountant for 34 years, Wayne is an avid rider. A while back he asked Curtis if he could come learn more about adaptive bikes as well as bike repairs and has been hanging out at the shop ever since – mostly on Tuesdays. Since his arrival, he has been a devoted student of bicycle maintenance and figures he must be doing ok as Curtis keeps letting him come back. Truth be told this guy’s got some skills and also knows how to dish the bike wash love. Some customers wont let anyone else wash their bike.

Wayne loves to give back and a much of his riding is for great causes including RideMS, Spin for Kids (Team FOCUS) and several others. Spinning the wheels for charity is just how he rolls.

He wont say it of course, but Wayne is one of the nicest, most helpful guys you will ever meet.

Current Bike(s)  Focus Izalco, Hase Pino tandem, Raleigh Super Grand Prix (circa 1975)

Bart Mitchell

social guy

After giving corporate life the boot, Bart switched gears and began pursing a creative career path of his own design.  Bart began designing and branding logos, building web sites, and spinning his clean and creative touch to help his clients achieve the web and media presence they had dreamed of with tin shed creative.  Until he got involved with Cannon Cyclery…  First it was a website, then marketing materials, then social media. He knew he had found the perfect place to express his creative.  Currently you can find Bart at the shop several days a week keeping tabs on the social media chatter, working on marketing, running the shop, and greeting everyone with a warm wassup.

Bart is a big fan of dirt, especially the dirt out west.

Current Bike(s)  Trek Fuel EX8