Regular Hours but Outside Dropoff & Pickup

Dropoff & Pickup at the Shop – Outside Only

We are currently still open regular hours.

However, to follow social distancing rules and help slow/stop the spread of Covid-19, we have moved to handling all dropoffs and pickups outside the front door of the shop. A tent and bike stands are set up outside the shop for those coming by. Fill out our online check-in form and then swing by and drop off your bike in the outside stands. Once it’s ready, we will contact you and place it outside when you are coming to pickup. You are still able to communicate with us outside from 6 feet as well as via phone and email. Just no hugging for a while.

See other ways we are helping to keep you riding during this time including FREE Pickup & Delivery, 15% discount on regular labor charges and more.

Free Repair Pickup & Delivery, Service Labor Discounts, and How We Can Help During this Time

How We Can Help You Right Now

We wanted to follow up after our last communication regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and how we are continuing to serve you guys.

We have put our heads together here at the shop and come up with some ways we can help you with your cycling needs (repair/maintenance, parts, new bikes, builds, etc.), as well as social distancing, and keep you riding during this disruptive time.

See below for:

  • FREE Repair Pickup & Delivery Service
  • Outside Dropoff & Pickup at the shop
  • Indoor Trainers to keep riding
  • 15% Discount on all Service Labor
  • The Bottom Line – You & Us


FREE Repair Pickup & Delivery Service

Until further notice, for those who would like it, we will be offering a free pickup and delivery service for any cycling maintenance or repair needs you have. Providing this option will help you practice social distancing, while still allowing us to continue to service your cycling needs during this unprecedented time.

  • There is a geographical limit to where we can offer this service. We will accommodate all that we can.
  • We will handle each pickup request on a case by case basis to make it as convenient as possible for your needs. This includes possible pickups/deliveries on Sundays or Mondays which are closed days for the shop.
  • In some cases, repairs may be able to be made at your location and completed the same day. This will be determined by the mechanic.
  • This service is new. It is a work in progress.

How to Request a Pickup

  1. Fill out our online check-in form
  2. Choose if you want Pickup & Delivery Service
  3. Complete remainder of the form fields and submit
  4. We will contact you to arrange your pickup
  5. Once your bike is ready, we will contact you to arrange delivery
  6. Payments can be made via cc over the phone and via Paypal online. We are looking into other payment options as well.


Outside Dropoff & Pickup at the Shop

We will also be offering bike stands outside the shop for those who would like to drop off or pickup but not come into the shop to practice social distancing. Fill out our online check-in form and then swing by and drop off your bike in the outside stands. Once it’s ready, we will contact you and place it outside when you are coming to pickup.

UPDATE – 3/24/20: We have now moved to outside dropoff & pickup only. Still open regular hours.


Keep Riding Indoors with a Trainer

Even if group rides, triathlons and other events are cancelled, we know you guys are going to continue to ride to stay fit and keep sane. Some may choose to ride inside for many of those miles. Let us keep you riding no matter what is happening out there. Hey, you can still have group rides with your group or riding buddies on services like Zwift!

If you need a trainer for these inside rides, we have you covered. We sell the Wahoo Kickr and Wahoo Kickr Core as well as “wheel on” trainers from Saris/CycleOps, Kinetic, and Tacx.

Just give us a shout at the shop if would like to get your indoor spin on and we will hook you up with the trainer that is right for you.


15% Discount on all Service Labor

Until further notice, we are offering a 15% discount to all customers on any of our regular labor charges. This would include all tuneup packages, replacements, adjustments, etc.


The Bottom Line  – You & Us

Let’s be honest, the unknown of how long this situation will last and the economic impact is on people’s minds, especially those that own their own businesses. We fall firmly into that category.

To survive, just like other businesses, we need to do what we do – service your cycling needs. At the same time, we know everyone is looking to reduce expenses and be smart financially during this tough time.

Since #RidingYourBikeIsNotCancelled, the things detailed in this email are to support and benefit you guys, but also to help our business. We need your support to weather the storm until we are all back to the only “demic” being how many bikes we own (or want to own).


We ask of course that you continue to do your part to protect anyone visiting the shop and please do not visit the shop if you are sick or have been exposed to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). See our last communication for more info.

We encourage you to get the most accurate, up-to-date information from the Centers for Disease Control and Georgia Department of Public Health. And follow the CDC Recommendations to protect yourself and limit/stop the spread of the disease.

Be safe and stay healthy.
Curtis & Crew

Update Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We know you have all gotten many of these emails, but we wanted to update you on our operations. It is an unprecedented and unsure time right now with the virus having grown into a worldwide pandemic and now affecting the USA.

Even though schools are out, major sporting leagues have cancelled seasons, businesses are temporarily shutting down, large events are cancelled…

Riding Your Bike is NOT Cancelled!

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