Cannon Cyclery to Open 2nd Location

*UPDATE: This post was yes, an April Fools joke. And a pretty good one, although there were dead giveaways in it that should have tipped you off. Have to say it worked better than we thought and many of you took the bait while others were not to be “fooled.” So while we would love a 10,000 sq ft historic warehouse (which by the way we would NEVER fill with retail – dead giveaway number one), we are not ready to pull the trigger on that just yet. Awesome to see all of the support from you guys though! Hope you all had a great April Fools Day!

We have decided that the time is right and are psyched to announce we will soon be opening a 2nd location. It was a long time in the works and a lot of thought has been put into just what we wanted to do. With our business and the industry in general picking up, we just decided to pull the trigger.

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