Some Cycling Headwear Fashion Advice

Carmel Cammack, an Army helicopter pilot since 2006, has been riding since 2010 and been participating in Triathlon since 2012.  The following event happened during a ride on a road where she rides on almost a daily basis.

My latest and greatest life lesson came on May 28th during a morning training ride.  Without much consideration for the effect of the sun on the drivers with whom I share the back country roads, I set out eastward at 6 o’clock for an hour and a half ride with Princess, my bike.  I remember getting situated along the right shoulder of the road and tucking my head to keep the sun out of my eyes.  The next four and half hours remain only in fragments.  I woke up lying on my back looking up at a man on a cell phone standing beside a Chevy Suburban.

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