The Worn and the Lifeless: A No Drama Wear Explanation for Tires, Chains, and Cables

The experience you will have with your bike is totally unique, and I am sure the list of stories of unbelievable rides has created a distinctive persona for your two-wheeled friend. Whether it be Waldo, Roovy, Buttercup, or Gary, the personality your bike has developed is a product of the experience you create when riding. So, when it comes to getting it serviced it can sometimes be hard to replace or update the worn components that have given you so many delightful miles. Whatever the persona your ride has developed, it is unfortunately just machine and like all machines, it will need some new parts at some point. So, when will it need these new parts you ask? No worries, below is a guide for you to follow to help you judge how long the commonly wearing parts should last and when you should replace them.

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