Best Areas to Put $$$ into Your Bike

Bang for your Bucks!

Remember when your Grandma would send you a birthday card with a 20 spot in it and you couldn’t wait to get to the toy store and fine a shiny new toy to tease your sibling with? You dreamed about the sweet new action figure or sparkly dress up shoes that your 20 greenbacks would get you! Let’s face it; you endured too many sloppy kisses and cheek pinches to not get your money’s worth. You wanted to get the best possible toy you could for your hard earned $20 from Grandma. So, fast forward to today and you may find yourself in the same situation with your bike. You have some extra coin to spend and you’re ready to drop some weight and purchase a bit of speed. You’re stuck wondering where the best place to put your money is going to be and your goal is to find the best bang for your bucks.

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